Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a process to tweak your website or landing page based on the user behavior and compel them to take action. There are times when a user lands on your website or landing page and leaves without taking any action at all. We identify the reason behind such behavior and optimize the website such that it converts the visitor into a customer. We follow the best CRO practices based on the data and psychology of the users to get the best results. 

Conversion Optimization Audit

To understand the user behavior, we perform an in-depth CRO audit of your website based on the user data. We make changes based on this data and help increase the conversion rate of visitors. 

A/B Split Testing

Through A/B testing we iterate the website based on the recent data and make changes accordingly to bring in more conversions. 

Landing Page Design

Landing page design is very crucial to convert a potential customer. We consider everything from color psychology to structure, to ensure the user doesn’t leave the page without enquiring. 

Heatmap And Click Tracking

There are certain regions on the website that catch the visitor’s attention and gets them to click. We identify and optimize such spots on the website through heatmap and click-tracking tools. 

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Analyzing the customer journey at different points of the funnel can help figure out the places where they’re stuck and take action to persuade them to move ahead. 

Optimization Process & Reporting

There’s a process we follow to optimize the performance which we share before making any changes. Also, we share regular reports to get the best outcome for your business.