Data & Web Analytics

Data & Web Analytics

Data is the most important factor to determine the performance of a website, campaign, social media, or business. It’s numbers that give you an idea of whether things are going in the right direction or require any changes. Using web analytics tools like Google Analytics, Crazy Egg, or Mixpanel, we get insights about the user behavior on the website. It’s easy to optimize the website for better results when you have data like page views, unique visitors, bounce rate, amount of time spent, exit page, and more. It’s time to elevate your online marketing efforts with effective measurement of data. 

Digital Marketing Analytics

Using online tools, we measure the performance of your online marketing across different channels and make informed decisions that can benefit your business. 

Conversion Rate Optimization 

Whether it’s a social media post, email, online campaign, website, or landing page, we optimize it from time to time for higher conversions based on the existing data.

Social Analytics

Social media metrics like comments, likes, shares, followers, or tags are important to measure the performance of the page. We analyze these metrics and make sure to keep your target audiences engaged. 

Web Analytics Audit

Website is the identity of a business and we help improve it by conducting a thorough audit of the website analytics. 

Tags Management

Tags are like cookies that collect data of the user across digital platforms. By deploying a master tag on your website, we get insights about the user that can help understand them better. 

Data Diagnosis

With so much data online, it can get difficult to make sense of it. We perform data diagnosis to identify similar patterns and understand the common behavior of the user. 

Analytics 360

Analytics 360 is a Google Analytics tool that gives access to advanced tools and helps get the bird’s eye view of the overall data. 

Custom Dashboards

We customize the Google Analytics Dashboard based on the web metrics that matters the most for your business, making it easy to have all the important insights in one place. 

Analytics Training

It’s essential for the business owners to have a basic working knowledge about Google Analytics to understand the metrics. We take care of it with a walk-through of the dashboard.