Pay per Click - SEM

Pay per Click - SEM

Pay per click is a type of search engine marketing that allows you to get visitors to your website or landing page through ads based on clicks. It's the best way to get target customers with the right intent. We start with keyword research for your brand to identify the intent of the customers and then run search ads accordingly. That's not it, the customers are targeted based on their geographic location and search history. Get started with search ads and see amazing results!

Google Search Ads 

Google search ads is the most preferred PPC ad as it's cost-effective and targets the right audience. Whether your business is new or established, Google ads will get customers your way. 

Programmatic Ads

With so many things to do in the advertising world, it can get difficult to take care of it all. We automate advertising for your business for effective results. It saves both time and effort.  

Remarketing Ads

At times customers visit your page or product but forget to enquire, that's when we target them with remarketing ads. Following up with your customers goes a long way in getting more business.

Bing Ads 

Bing is a search engine with millions of daily active users. Let’s tap into the potential of a platform where the internet is less crowded. 

Display Advertisements 

Display ads are like digital billboards. We place ads on the appropriate websites, social media channels and other spaces over the internet. 

Google Shopping Ads

If you’re into E-commerce business, Google shopping ads is the best way to boost it. Let your customers know about the existence of your products through ads. 

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Catch the attention of your potential customers with sponsored ads on Amazon. It’s the ideal way to sell your products if you’re relatively new to the business.

Flipkart Sponsored Ads

Let your customers find the products they’ve been looking for, through sponsored ads. We optimize your ads for better results on Flipkart. 

IOS App Advertising

Does your target customer use an iOS device? No worries, we can advertise your products on their device. 

Android App Advertising

The number of android users across the world is huge. With in-app advertising, we target customers for your business that are difficult to find otherwise. 

Adwords Campaign Optimization

Running ads is not limited to a budget and set of ad copies. We keep a check on the active ads and optimize them for better performance. 

SEM Audit 

It’s important to do an SEM audit of your ad accounts to figure out what worked and what didn’t. It helps in running better ads and getting the right customers to buy your product.